117. Six friends

If I made you put $50 on whether Peyton Manning will start all 16 games next season, which side would you stake?  

I sent that question to six friends who love sports and know football. Here are their responses:

Russell Walks

Credentials: Fathered a brilliant sports mind while toiling away as a Vikings fan; Used to disappointment in December like its a bad Christmas present.


Choking away trivia.

Levi Hunt

Credentials: Lifelong Denver Broncos fan; Career-long Peyton Manning fan; Unusually honest about his fanhood; Reasonable, smart, and puts his head above his heart in matters of football.

“The under, definitely.

In fact, the really pessimistic part of me thinks he’s going to miss like half the season. … As a Broncos fan, I’m ready for the rebuild, but as a career-long Peyton Manning fan, I want for him to shut some more people up this year.”

Andrew Bolognesi

Credentials: Excellent Madden player; Likes the 49ers ostensibly when its convenient; Makes fun of Trent Dilfer on the reg.

“I’d say yes only if they didn’t lock up the playoffs before Week 14.

“Yeah, I don’t think he can last a whole season. He’s old and his arm is weaker. But he’s a legend.”

Jesselyn Parks

Credentials: Lifelong Jim Rome fan, for some reason; Seems to absorb sports knowledge through osmosis; Hates Steve Nash for no good reason.

“He will miss at least one. I say 2.”

Shannon Rahn

Credentials: Fantasy football queen; Sings the Green Bay Packers’ siren song; Unfazed by the mythology of Peyton Manning.

“Why hello, it is nice to talk to you too.

I’d probably put it on no… I’m thinking he is getting older, has had a lot of injuries in the past, and will continue to be more injury prone and therefore be out a bare minimum 1 game.”

Max Richter

Credentials: Raiders fan (!); Gets drunk on the phone with me and wakes up with Troy Williamson’s career stats page open as a tab on his computer; Refuses to take my serious sports inquiries seriously.

“$50!?! I ain’t neva done seen $50 befoe. I do declare that is too rich for my blood, comrade.

“I’m Jeb Montgomery Kirsanovich, the Good Ol’ Southern Gentleman Bolshevik. I specialize in the manufacturing of Red Rebel Yell, a corn-based vodka distilled in my grandpappy’s abandoned plantation just outside of Moscow.”

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