124. What’s her name again?

Just finished my new favorite Spotify playlist.

What’s her name again? is 50 songs, each titled a different girl’s name. Because this is the kind of dumb stuff I obsess over, I set ground rules for myself.

(I was explaining this to Jesselyn, and she put it better than I could: “Oh, so this is one of those weird personal challenges you give yourself and then agonize over even though no one else really cares?” She wasn’t trying to be mean, but she is 100 percent right.)

  • I can only include songs with titles that consist entirely of the name. Nothing else, aside from punctuation or proper titles. a
    “Martha, My Dear”
    “Corrina, Corrina”
    “Jenny Was A Friend Of Mine”
  • I can only include one entry per artist.
    Jane” or “Enid”
    Melissa” or “Jessica”
    Aja” or “Peg”
  • I can only include songs I already know and like. No padding the playlist with Spotify hunting or settling for something mediocre.
    Christie Lee” 
  • I can only include one song per name, but the names must match exactly. So, if I include “Laura” by Girls, I can’t include “Laura” by Billy Joel. But if I include “Valerie” by Amy Winehouse, I can still include “Valerie Plame” by The Decemberists. It’s an arbitrary world I’ve built for myself.

Here is the finished product. What did I forget?b

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