102. when you live with someone for nine months

C’s last day at 116 Landers was yesterday, and I’m genuinely sad to see him go.  

We were never BFFs, but when you live with someone for nine months, you learn certain things about them and adjust to a level of comfortable living around them. He’s a good guy, and he’s moving on to New York City to take a job he actually doesn’t hate every single moment of working.

I met him a little less than a year ago, in a Chelsea restaurant that was terrible at refilling our New Year’s Day “bottomless” mimosa. Now, we’ve officially swapped cities.

He’s going to keep the house and its tenants — even the furry one — and two more roommates, J & K, will join me over the next two weeks. It will be an interesting shift… suddenly, I’m the Old Lion who’s lived here the longest.

Last night, we played some cards and a little pong on the patio after dark. Not the most momentous sendoff, but it was fitting considering how low key the last nine months have been for both us.

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