91. April Fools’ Day

Three steps to celebrating this great holiday just like I do:

1) Believe nothing.
2) Set your profile picture to something appropriate.
3) Watch and enjoy.  

I wrote a very dumb, fake serious poem as part of a prank. Here it is.

Out on the prairie, far from the lights
No cares could reach the young boy
He ran and he played with his jacks and his kites
So graced by an uncommon joy

But childhoods end, and upward he grew,
Determined to make life his own
His ideals were pure, his compass was true
And he struck out into the unknown

What he found there I can’t rightly say
Heartbreak, perhaps, or much worse
But under grey skies among moral decay
His bliss soon began to disperse

Now he’s a man, expectedly stern
Who plays by the world’s set of rules
One day a year, though, the boy will return
And remind us both how to be fools

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