79. maybe next year

I won’t pretend I thought Oregon had a realistic chance at beating Wisconsin at any point before tipoff. In every single bracket I filled out, I had the Badgers advancing past the Ducks.  

But then the game was tied 52-52 with three minutes left. Oregon had firmed up inside, relentlessly chased shooters out to the perimeter and made Sam Dekker and Frank Kaminsky look like, well, big, slow, white guys.

So you can forgive me if just for a moment I let myself entertain the notion that Oregon could do what NC State did and knock out a No. 1 seed in the tournament.

Welp. Maybe next year.

(I also can’t pretend I’m a rabid Pit Crew wannabe. I watched two games this regular season before catching Oregon’s complete postseason run. Even against Wisky, I was still learning the names of the guys at the back of Dana Altman’s rotation.

But it’s still my alma mater, dammit, and still hurts to see them lose to a team I love as much as Wisconsin.)



I’m in the process of tearing through John D. MacDonald’s Travis McGee series. As you can see, I’ve a long way to go.

1964 The Deep Blue Goodbye X
1964 Nightmare In Pink
1964 A Purple Place For Dying X
1964 The Quick Red Fox
1965 A Deadly Shade Of Gold
1965 Bright Orange For The Shroud
1966 Darker Than Amber
1966 One Fearful Yellow Eye X
1968 Pale Gray For Guilt
1968 The Girl In The Plain Brown Wrapper
1969 Dress Her In Indigo X
1970 The Long Lavender Look
1971 A Tan And Sandy Silence
1973 The Scarlet Ruse
1973 The Turquoise Lament
1975 The Dreadful Lemon Sky X
1978 The Empty Copper Sea
1979 The Green Ripper
1981 Free Fall In Crimson
1982 Cinnamon Skin
1985 The Lonely Silver Rain

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