63. redefining destruction

What Russell Westbrook is doing to the NBA right now isn’t fair or safe for children. It’s a scheduled biweekly evisceration of whomever has the misfortune of getting in his path to the basket.  

Consider: Four straight triple-doubles, the most in history behind vintage MJ in the late ’80s. No one in thirty years has been as widely productive per game for this long a stretch.

Tonight he notched a career high in points (49) and rebounds (16). No one in history has ever scored more points in the course of recording a triple double.

Oh, and he’s wearing a mask due to a surgically repaired zygomatic bone he broke last weekend. Please, please, please just watch this:

You ask me, that’s worth more than two points.

And it wasn’t like it was a sleepy night across the league. Anthony Davis dropped a 39/13/8b in his first game back from a shoulder injury. Hassan Whiteside hauled in 20+ rebounds for the FOURTH time this year. Marc Gasol and Tyler Zeller each hit game-winners. Essentially, if you made the decision to turn on basketball, you couldn’t avoid watching a thrilling NBA game. Well, almost.

But none of it matters because Russell Westbrook is a Class 5 twister currently redefining destruction in Tornado Alley. At this point, he’s appointment viewing. He’s got the Bulls on the road tomorrow, and that should be a logical end to this streak. But that’s exactly what I said about him playing the Blazers last Friday, so he’ll probably put up a cool 35/12/10.

If LeBron wins the MVP with Harden, Curry and Westbrook all playing this well, I think I’ll spontaneously combust.

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