142. “Happy Birthday, Randall Cunningham” and other fake band names

Matt: I’d really love to start a two-piece surf funk band with you called Happy Birthday, Randall Cunningham and never explain it.

Max: You had me at surf funk.  

Max: Dude, if you’re in a band and “surf” is any part of the genre, you can literally name it anything.

Desk Gum
Trash Cannibals
Sunkist Omega Cyborgs
The Tom Cobblers
The Laundry Boys
Psychic Groundhogs
Sandy Mann and the Sleep Tightsa
The Thirsty Hampton
Funk Drawer
The Holy Shoelace Brigade
King Crust
The Earlobe Massacre
Megaphone Sex Line
The Crass Magiciansb
Fly Swatter
Clip Skippers
Heavy Sand Castle

Coming to a music festival near you.

More band names I made up.

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