136. The definitive Bond movie rankings

In roughly six months, we will all be treated to Spectre, a movie whose runtime I may have already surpassed in trailer viewings. a

Will it be better than Skyfall? I think so, although the reports leaking out about the script’s disastrous rewrites sort of dampen my spirit. Regardless, in the run up to the November 6 release date, more blogs than I can count on my fingers and toes will offer THE DEFINITIVE BOND MOVIE RANKINGS.

So I’m beating them to it.

No explanationb, no context and no shame when it comes to thinking with my heart and not my head.

  1.  Casino Royale
  2.  From Russia With Love
  3.  Goldfinger
  4.  Live and Let Die
  5.  Skyfall
  6.  Dr. No
  7.  GoldenEye
  8.  Thunderball
  9.  On Her Majesty’s Secret Service
  10.  The Living Daylights
  11.  Quantum of Solace
  12.  You Only Live Twice
  13.  The World Is Not Enough
  14.  The Spy Who Loved Me
  15.  Tomorrow Never Dies
  16.  The Man With The Golden Gun
  17.  Diamonds Are Forever
  18.  License To Kill
  19.  For Your Eyes Only
  20.  Die Another Day
  21.  A View To A Kill
  22.  Moonraker
  23.  Octopussy

Update: Ben and AJ, my friends in Bond, had this to say:

AJ: I am happy to see OHMSS so high up on the list. Surprised License To Kill and Quantum aren’t lower – personal feeling, Quantum is bottom five. I think you know my feelings on Casino Royale. The only other major disagreement I have is with Tomorrow Never Dies. i think that movie is often criminally underrated.

Ben: Not very much. I think GoldenEye and Tomorrow Never Dies should be generally higher. OHMSS probably should be lower, but I’ve never finished it. Casino is just so, so good. So good.

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