299. The 15 best Disney Channel Original Movies

I stopped watching Disney Channel Original Movies shortly after I became a teenager, so I’m making the arbitrary cut-off for entries on this list to be my 13th birthday.There are also a handful of these that I either never saw or didn’t remember, so some liberal Googling was done.

Even so, this list is final and definite. It would start with Blank Check, but that is technically not a DCOM, so it gets an honorary spot above the list itself.

Here we go:

  1. Smart House
    One of the OGs. Robomoms are cool.
  2. The Luck Of The Irish
    True story: After this movie came out, I pretended that I could riverdance. Also, this has one of my favorite all-time mic drop movie comebacks: “My father’s from Cleveland.” SNAP.
  3. Brink!
    Skate better.
  4. Zenon: Girl of the 21st Century
    One of my more serious childhood crushes. Zoom, zoom, zoom.
  5. Johnny Tsunami
    I’m going to pretend like they didn’t destroy the legacy of this venerable franchise with a sequel in 2007.
  6. Cadet Kelly
  7. Halloweentown
    Maybe this is just because Halloween is coming up.
  8. Eddie’s Million Dollar Cookoff
    I actually don’t remember that much about this movie, other than the legendary food fight. I was way into food fights for awhile after I saw this movie.
  9. Alley Cats Strike
    I know the ending is really dumb, but come on, it’s a bowling movie.
  10. Don’t Look Under The Bed
    This one legitimately scared me as a kid. It was even bumped from G to PG because of the “frightening scenes.” The Boogeyman is no joke.
  11. Horse Sense
    Max still calls me this to degrade me. You know, because of the Montana thing.
  12. Jett Jackson: The Movie
  13. The Even Stevens Movie
    Boy, when stacked against the rest of the actors who appeared in movies on this list, Shia’s career is pretty damn remarkable.
  14. The Scream Team
  15. Zenon: The Zequel

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